The smallest point of land on Aquos was barely large enough to stand on. This was where the elf Silas Silverstar found himself standing when he arrived on Aquos. Silas carried with him a clipping from the tree of life. His quest had been to spread the reach of the tree of life to other planes. Fearing that he would die on this point of land Silas planted the cutting. It was a few long days before Silas found himself rescued by scrappers.

Silas was put to work fixing ships, enchanting items. He’d nearly worked himself to death when he felt like something was drawing him back to where he’d arrived. Several of the other fey working for the scrappers also seemed to feel this draw.

Under the cover of night Silas and the other fey stole a ship from the scrappers. They made their way back to the point of land. To Silas’ surprise there were many other ships filled with fey there. More surprising was that cutting he’d planted had grown into a great tree.

The fey disassembled their ships and built a floating city around the tree. The Treeborn never seemed to run out of wood. The secret to where this wood comes from is closely guarded and only known by the highest fey priests. This never ending supply of wood has let the fey create massive shipyards. The Treeborn produce most of the ships on Aquos.

All fey can feel the pull of the tree of life and can always find their way back to it. The theologians claim that on the day that the tree of life on Aquos reached maturity and reached out to all fey, all fey were reborn. This connection with the tree of life is where the Treeborn derive their name.

Silas went on to become a high priest of the tree of life. Although approaching almost a millennium in age he is still a trusted advisor to the ruling council of the Treeborn. In his old age he seldom makes public appearances. But when the council requires public support they bring him out into the public eye to voice his support for them.


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