The Kracken

The seas were once home to a terrible beast. The Kracken swallowed ships whole seemingly at random. After Vixtreen the Kracken was the biggest threat to sea travel. Snarl sought to establish navel supriority over the other factions. He saw the Kracken as an obstical to this. Snarl had his scholars study the Kracken and developed a plan.

Snarl had his explorers find the perfect geographic location: four islands roughly forming a square. Working with the Calderi Snarl started enclosing the central pool in stone. The stones came up high enough that the highest floating ships could still pass over the stones but the sea creatures couldn’t swim over it.

Snarl had his builders leave an area large enough for the Kracken to swim through open, with a metal panel that could be raised into place to temporarily block the exit until the wall could be completed.

On each of the four islands Snarl build four great towers. Each had a windmill that would gradually lift heavy weights to the top of the towers. Imperial scholars theorized that by dropping heavy weights on each of the island the vibrations produced would attract the Kracken.

Snarl evacuated the area and took his personal ship out to the island. He sent the signal to summon the Kracken. The Kracekn didn’t come the first day, so Snarl ordered the summoning be repeated ever 4 hours until the Kracken appeared. It took four days before the Kracken arrived by Snarl was ready. Using his ship he lured the Kracken into the trap.

The Kracken had been nearly driven mad by the vibrations. It started demolishing Snarl’s ship. Snarl had more than enough time to evacuate his crew through linked portals before his ship was destroyed. The Kracken was safely trapped.

With so little land the Imperials saw little benefit to building prisons. So instead the Imperials punish most serious crimes through execution by Kracken. Prisoners are taken on nimble ships to the Kracken and thrown overboard. Once the prison ship is clear the towers drop their weights to call the Kracken.

The Kracken

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