Shadow Skiff

A skiff roughly 25 ft long 10 ft wide fitted with a main sail. Pilot-able by one person and can comfortably take six medium size creatures. Has limited storage capacity. Does not perform well in high sea states or heavy winds.

These skiffs are highly sought after because of their coloring. The black wood, and black sail of this ship make it nearly invisible at night. The unique cut of the hull is designed to allow it to move nearly silently through water.

Drow smugglers use these ships to move illicit cargo around Aquos.

Deck Layout

HP: 250
Speed: swim 8
Load: 6 creatures; 200lbs. cargo
Crew: Requires 1 pilot to spend his move action each round to control the ship.
Stealth: +20 in darkness
Sails: Depending on wind speed & direction speed may vary up to +/-4

Shadow Skiff

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