A group of artificers once travelled the Astral Sea on their spelljammer, The Slender Pony. The Slender Pony was showing its age. It was falling apart and required more and more upkeep to keep flying. The artificers salvaged parts from other ships to keep their The Slender Pony running. After a particularly bad series of events the artificers knew they had to enter a plane and take some time to properly refit The Slender Pony.

The artificers set course for the nearest plane. As they entered the plane they realized something was wrong. The Slender Pony was losing power fast and the artificers found themselves falling into the sea. The Slender Pony exploded on impact spreading the parts of it across the plane. Luckily the artificers survived.

The artificers spent the rest of their lives trying to gather the parts of The Slender Pony together again. The gathered them together, and salvaged other wrecks across the sea. They created a great free floating flotilla of scrap, at its centre the reconstructed remains of The Slender Pony.

The Slender Pony crashed almost 2000 years ago and the names of the artificers are long forgotten. However, their teachings are not. The Slender Pony is still being reconstructed and the hope is to have it working again within the next few generations. A coming of age tradition is for a member of the scrappers to leave the flotilla and find either a piece of the original The Slender Pony or a suitable replacement part.

Most other factions look down on the scrappers as scavengers. At various times during their history the scrappers have employed slavery to help them rebuild The Slender Pony. With the Imperial Navy patrolling the seas slavery is not currently tolerated.


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