The pirates were not traditionally a faction. Pirate ships spent as much time raiding each-other as they did raiding merchants. For this reason piracy was mostly tolerated as a cost of doing business. However, all that changed with Nelson Pilost.

Nelson was a pirate on The Cockatrice. He had dreams of becoming a pirate captain, but wasn’t a very good pirate. Partly due to Nelson’s incompetence The Cockatrice was captured by dwarves. The crew was sent into the mines for hard labour. While tunnelling, the mine partially collapsed cutting the crew off from the surface. The dwarves assumed that the pirates were all dead. However, six months later Nelson emerged and stole a merchant ship.

Nelson proclaimed himself The Pirate King and started united the pirates under his banner. Nelson established the pirate code and started launching organized attacks against the other factions. The pirates were now a sizable threat.

Survivors of these attacks claimed that a fog rolled in suddenly and the pirates appeared. After the attack the pirates disappeared back into the mists and the fog cleared. The Imperial Navy has stepped up patrols and instituted the death penalty for piracy. The Imperial Navy has offered huge rewards to anyone that can provide information on what port the pirates are calling home.


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