A book bound in flesh that seems to whisper in your ear


Soul Linked

The Necronomicon requires a sacrifice of flesh before it will impart it’s knowledge.

Before The Necronomicon will open a person must link their life essence to the Necronomicon. To initiate the link a person must willingly lose a healing surge. While linked The Necronomicon reduces the healing surges per day of a Soul Linked person by one.

Only one person may be soul linked to the Necronomicon at a time. The Necronomicon imparts understanding and knowledge via this link. Allowing a linked person to use it’s rituals (of casters level or lower) as if they’d mastered them. A linked character also receives a +2 bonus to Arcana checks related to Necromacy.

At any time a person linked to the Necronomicon may sever their ties to The Necronomicon by spending four healing surges. This causes the loss of control over all currently active Necronomicon summons and lose the ability to use any of the rituals contained within the Necronomicon.

Necronomicon Summons

Certain rituals allow the caster to create summons. Heroic level casters may control up to one Necronomicon Summon, Paragon level casters two, and Epic level casters three.

Necronomicon Servants do not against the number of Necronomicon Summons.


The Necronomicon psychically whispers incredible and terrible things directly into your mind

The Necronomicon does not function as a ritual book. The pages contain mostly gibberish to anyone not soul linked to it. However, a ritual caster soul linked to the Necronomicon gains the ability to use any ritual of his level or lower as if he’d mastered them.

Level Ritual Source
1 Gentle Repose Player’s Handbook, page 305
1 Create Undead Servant Special
2 Corpse Light Open Grave, page 49
2 Last Sight Vision Open Grave, page 50
3 Undead Ward Open Grave, page 50
4 Summon Lesser Undead Special
4 Dark Light Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide, page 143
4 Skull Watch Open Grave, page 50


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